Sunday, 17 May 2015

Struck Gold... Rainbow or Palomino !!

Graham , struck gold while fishing with guide David King of That Fly Fly Fishing. With a well placed fly Graham made a firm lift to hit gold.... or is that Palomino...!
Fishing Meon Springs, this specimen put up a robust fight before coming to the net and topped the scale at +6lbs..

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Pike on Fly- Timsbury River Test

When winter sets in it's fair to say the general practice of a large number of fly angler, is to pull up the chair, put some logs on the fire, and set about tying those new season flies....  But then again , for seasoned game angler John Clark it's time to hit the famous River Test... but.... ,  not for trout.!!

John has mastered the art of winter pike on the fly... armed with his rod of choice and a well researched box of John's own flies, he methodically combed the water to locate his prize... and what a prize,  the regular angler making the most of the short window to coarse fish the legendary River Test at Timsbury.
During our visit John was happy to share his knowledge and experience,  but even more evident was John's real passion for game angling and determined commitment to pike fishing with the fly...   What will you be doing next winter....  see you bank side.. !

Captor and prize

Sportfish Feb Winner

Thank you to all for the thumbs up.....  Cuban Permit, caught and released, Cayo Cruz/Romano with Go Fishing Worldwide

Try your luck and enter,   at  Sportfish

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Permit fishing Cayo Cruz/Romano- Cuba

CUBA- Cayo Cruz/Romano 

Having  just returned from the Cuban north shore of Cayo Cruz/Romano.  I can only say you have to see it to believe it…. 
The pristine flats are a wash with the most perfectly clear waters and with a mix of sand and grassy flat that seem endless, there are more square miles of fishing than you could possibly walk in a lifetime.

Our lodge La Casona De Romano, (run by Avalon , ) is a beautiful building,  maintained to a great standard, clean and very comfortable,  it is hosted by an enthusiastic team that are focused on your every need.  All inclusive meant only a small amount of cash was required for a celebratory drink or two, (Havana Club Mojito’s being the perfect compliment).

Days commence following your wake up call and after breakfast it was into the transport for the journey to the boats, which are moored at Cayo Cruz some 50k away. Along the route you capture a real feeling for Cuban life as the early work force make there way to pick up points for their daily troop to work.  After twenty minutes your passage continues through the check point and along the huge causeway that penetrates its way through Cayo Romano to Cayo Cruz. Flanked by water we would often see, Flamingo, Spoon Bill and a myriad  of other features along the route.
On arrival at the dock, you are warrmly greeted by your guides,  who, following a quick chat will have you in your skiff ready and on your way to your fishing zone. ( Zone = colossal flats that only you and he fish for the day).  

Beautiful Permit one of two during the week

The fishing available at Cayo Cruz / Romano covers one of the most extensive areas anywhere in the Caribbean.  The vast number of flats are protected from the north by a string of Cays, collectively known as Jardines del Rey (Garden of the King).
The Cays, are literally uninhabited and apart from your boat partner and guide you are unlikely to see anyone else while out on the water.  Cayo Cruz / Romano is therefore the perfect habitat for bonefish, tarpon and permit.  Made up a series of mangrove lagoons and flats that run for hundreds of kilometres, most flats, of white sand interspersed with turtle grass and mangrove are ideal for those who want to wade or fish from the skiff.
The flats and Cays are extremely rich in crustacean life, which enable both the bonefish and permit to exceed the sizes found elsewhere around the Caribbean.

Large Bonefish were encountered daily
Deeper channels provide perfect areas for tarpon to feed on the shoals of sardines but when the tides are right these fish will move onto the flats where there will be the opportunity of sight casting to these feisty creatures.
But Cayo Cruz / Romano is best known for its large bonefish, and permit, as well as other species such as jacks and barracuda. Bonefish are commonly found in the range 5 -10 lbs, ( our trip nothing less than 4lb and a magic 10lb for one of the group )  Permit from 10lb to much larger specimens are frequently encounter, and  Tarpon from 20 - 150 lbs. 

Blessed with a 2nd Permit for the week, this one took the famous Avalon fly, presented on RIO's tropical quick shooter

As the fishing day draws to a close your transfer (cold beer at the ready) will be waiting to return you to La Casona for a Mojito or two while you celebrate your day .
Dinner is generally from 7.30pm onwards and includes complimentary wine with dinner, before retiring back to the bar for additional drinks which you can added to your bar tab for the week.
Cayo Cruz/Romano is a must try location for any Saltwater fly enthusiast and frankly ranks as one of the top Permit area in the world.  

Check out :
Or drop me a line/call if you would like to know  more. 

Friday, 27 June 2014

WTT 3 Fly Challenge 2014

Meon Springs provided a stunning back drop for the annual " 3 Fly Challenge ".  Lush banks and gin clear waters,  anglers, were in for a real treat.
This years event attracted 34 anglers with the objective to catch 4 fish using a fly with a points value.  
Seasoned Meon angler and ex Meon boss Keith Poulton , provided each angler with three superb flies, dry kites, a buzzer and nymph.   Anglers could use any one fly to tempt fish with points being awarded,  weight of the fish x the value of the fly.  
With lots drawn, delicious bacon buttes consumed,  a quick briefing soon saw angler to the water. 
The morning proved very productive, with some good fish coming to the scale and making for an exciting event.  Lunch time provided a very welcome break , our hosts "Team Meon" providing a terrific BBQ lunch followed by our sponsors fund raising raffle.

An immaculate Meon Springs

Back to the water anglers could now roam freely,  but with a hot sun now high in the bright blue sky, fish became tough to tempt to any fly.  The ringing of the bell marked the end of the afternoon session and our return to the lodge for the final tally . 

WWT   Director Shaun Leonard joined the group , providing us all with a wonderful insight into the vitally important projects and work that WWT carry out on a daily basis.  Shaun also reflected on the importance of today, the fund raised in memory of Pasco James continue to make a direct impact in the Meon Valley  ( add Meon work) .

Shaun Leonard, Director WTT
Final thanks went to Neil Mundy (event organiser and competitor ) this his fifth year and raising and record breaking £3,800 + for the charity. Neil's past and present work having secured over £21,000.  Very well done Neil. 

Neil Mundy, becomes an Honouree member of WWT
1st and retaining the trophy for a second year ; - David King
(David's fished,  a Sage  Z-axis 4wt, Ambush reel,  by Cheeky Fly Fishing , loaded with a Snowbee xs-plus hi- float line to a dry Kites Imperial.)
2nd and first ever ladies winner; - Andrea Smith.
Largest fish ; -  Greg Hughes, 7Ib + Rainbow trout.

Winners presentation.

If you wish to enter the 3 Fly or would like to know more about the Wild Trout Trust click on the link , membership ensures our rivers, native trout  and environment continues to thrive under the stewardship of WTT

Friday, 6 June 2014

Fishing for Forces - Reading

Farlows & Sportfish Reading hosted Fishing for Forces with a great day of fly fishing. A challenging day all round with trout proving very elusive.   However , 35 anglers battled it out for a highly enjoyable day. 

Local instructors and guides including a great group from GAIA travelled from far and wide, providing welcome support and guidance throughout the day. 
Lunch, an impressive hog roast, was a welcome sight following a tough morning of fishing but spirits were soon raised as Chris Tarrant joined the group and presentations.  

Another excellent day organised by Bill Howell. 
If you feel that you would like to support or can help please do get in touch with Bill at Fishing for  

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Fishing For Forces Lunch

Taking the wounded to the water...
Fishing For Forces is holding its annual lunch in London .  This vital event provides a lifeline of support that enables our finest Service divisions to relax and de-stress at the waters edge. In assosiation with Farlows, come and enjoy an excellent lunch with the countries Service's and enthusiastic anglers.  
Register your interest via  or contact Bill Howell :
Fishing For Forces
0207 385 2135 Ph/Fx/Ans
07850 373760 mo
Talking the wounded to the water...

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Beginners to the Water

Some twenty seven new fly anglers had a great day at the waters edge fly fishing for brown and rainbow trout .  Blessed with fine weather all angler struck lucky with some super fish coming to the bank.  With mentors allocated and rods assembled it was off to the water for some fishing and instruction.  The group fished the morning hard, meeting back at the lodge for some very welcome food and refreshments.  
All set for the aftenoon session and with a cooler feel to the breeze our angler continued to learn and experience the thrill of flyfishing.   Top catch for the day went to Roma 
Roma and prizes
Reflecting on the ones that got away

Saturday, 5 April 2014

WTT Three Fly comp 2014

This years Wild Trout three fly competition takes place 21 of June 2014 at Meon Springs Trout Fishery..   Three flies to tempt and catch a trout for points, this competition will provide a true test of your skills.  An important fund raiser and enjoyable day in memory of  Pasco James.

I am proud to have experienced and have been fortunate enough to have won the 2013 event.  If you would like to enter or simply know more,  then please follow the link to  :

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Get Cheeky... get reel...

Most have possibly noticed the steady and impressive rise of the Cheeky Team, who hit the fly fishing market with some impressive reels a couple of years back.  There is no escaping their steady climb up the slippy slope continues the move forward.  Strike, Ambush, Mojo, Thrash and Dozer certainly captivate the spirit of fly fishing, with 5 of the Cheekiest reels currently out their. 
The modern contemporary styling complete a terrific fresh approach in a market which is booming with product.  But if the designs are not to your particular taste then consider any of the range in striking silver which will match any outfit and occasion.

MOJO 425
One key feature on the reel is its impressive drag system, this is a completely sealed unit that requires zero maintenance , so always ready for the next blistering run. Super smooth and able to apply some slick pressure just when you need it.  Light weight, the reels compliment the latest  rods out there, so wither stalking the flats or climbing a mountain stream, these reels will provide you with a balanced outfit that you could carry all day.
But don't just take my word for it,  take a look at  - while there take a peek at the neat Cheeky swag too..... 
Or you could come and try one with me .. Team Cheeky Endorsed Guide
Good fishing....

Friday, 21 February 2014

BVK Reel - Temple Fork Outfitters

Saltwater fish demand a certain respect and will often test your equipment to the extreme.  On a recent trip I had armed one of my rods with TFO's superb BVK  ( Bernard Victor Kreh ) fly reel.  Beautifully machined,  the reel is a striking piece of equipment that looks so cool.  The large arbor is superlight and the spool nests perfectly into its housing allowing no movement to allow debris to interfere with the silky smooth running of the spool.

Able to tame the most explosive of fish the fully sealed drag applies tons of prefectly timmed pressure via a large yet sleek adjuster that even the largest of hands can locate in an instant. Not to mention the retrieval, the massive arbor makes light work when taming any searing runs or turns, putting you in control in an instant.
Well balanced and expertly proportioned this beautiful reel should be on your list of ones to own.
Enjoy your fishing and the experience.    

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Kingdom of the Grand Slam

Gateway to the Grand Slam

Seasons come and seasons go, fishing comes and fishing goes, but add Saltwater Fly Fishing into the equation and you’ll be talking about it forever. Don’t get me wrong I truly love all my fishing but I must say the latter delivers such a thrill, you’ll be hooked forever…

Our world continues to shrink as our ability to travel freely grows and with new fishing opportunity appearing to open around every corner, the only limitation appears to be you, or that all important budget. But destination Fly Fishing does not have to break the bank, many thrilling locations offer some great value packages and the promise of some amazing fly fishing that will suit all budgets and more importantly your abilities.
Our trip, as I am sure most, started as a casual chat over beer, where would we go? , for how long?, what’s it like , what would we need?… so on and so on…… I have always loved to hear the stories of other anglers as they reflect on prizes caught and the ever teasing one,that was so close ..., and remains so far. But it is by listening and talking to as wide an array of anglers and agents you will start to build a picture of what good may look like... no guarantees, remember this is fishing.!!
This year we had a mixed group of both novice and improving anglers,  so the right location would be key…. But where ? After a few Internet searches the odd DVD and more importantly a chat with Mat McHugh- of Fly Odyssey we settled on the excellent value and location of Mexico’s Ascension Bay.

Punta Allen is located a short hop off the north shores of Ascension Bay. A part of the Sian Ka`an Biosphere Reserve,  the location is a protected ecology absolutely steeped in wild life and where you can encounter, snook, bonefish, tarpon and permit from a myriad of locations. Punta Allen’s peninsular spearheads the access to a wide expanse of tarpon stuffed lagoons, open water channels and beautiful post card flats which teem with bonefish, jacks, barracuda and of course the revered permit. You have just entered the Kingdom of the Grand Slam....  But, if that’s not enough you can throw in a number of seasonal off shore options.

Wade Fishing

Next it was kit, and the old adage of less is more will serve you well. I armed myself with three rods, 8#, 9w# and a10w#, with all reels loaded with 200yrd of backing. In reality two rods would have been fine but three did offer another dimension - as this could be rigged for a possible trophy shot - 40lb Barracuda are not uncommon


One area not to scrimp on… is lines, do spend some time selecting the right lines and leaders, after all you do want to see your fish of a lifetime…! Talk to experienced anglers and make the most of your local tackle dealers, there are quite often specific items and flies for the areas you may be travelling to. For example Ascension bay have some fantastic skinny water flats where the lightest of bonefish flies are vital for a stealthy presentation. Get it right and your reel will be screaming all day.
Other items are personal preference but do take good polarising sun glasses, amber and copper being ideal and pack plenty sun protection.

We flew direct London to Cancun arriving late PM. Upon arrival you are quickly met by your transfer host, and it’s off to Punta Allen, via Tulum. On arrival at Punta Allen you are welcomed by Manuel Chac and his team and quickly introduced to your rooms for some well earned rest. Manuel’s lodge “Casa Viejo Chac” is perfectly located and very comfortable, the team are so helpful and nothing is too much trouble. Food was excellent and presented to a high standard.

Manuel is a wealth of information, passionate, enthusiastic and highly skilled, our group were hungry to learn. The guides at Casa Viejo Chac are all highly experienced and very knowledgeable and with good English our anglers were quickly at ease and learning from the whole experience.

Fishing proved very good, even with some unseasonal weather to contend with, fortunately for us most appeared to circumnavigate the bay leaving us to enjoy prolonged tropical sunshine and explosive action. Our group caught countless bonefish on a daily basis, added to the mix were tarpon, snook, barracuda, jacks and even a couple of small permit. With the huge array of flats, channels and lagoons the opportunities were endless, our guides located fish on a daily basis ensuring us shots at every species while introducing us to an amazing diversity of wild life, such as eagles, flamingos, herons and crocodiles to name but a few..

Punta Allen went way beyond expectation, it boasts a multitude of species in a beautiful and diverse location and with simple direct access I would regard it as an idea destination for both first time and experienced anglers.

If you are seeking the thrill of saltwater fly fishing or just want to know more then please contact me at;  “That Fly”
        07564 266 539
2014 bookings now available.