Saturday, 28 March 2015

Pike on Fly- Timsbury River Test

When winter sets in it's fair to say the general practice of a large number of fly angler, is to pull up the chair, put some logs on the fire, and set about tying those new season flies....  But then again , for seasoned game angler John Clark it's time to hit the famous River Test... but.... ,  not for trout.!!

John has mastered the art of winter pike on the fly... armed with his rod of choice and a well researched box of John's own flies, he methodically combed the water to locate his prize... and what a prize,  the regular angler making the most of the short window to coarse fish the legendary River Test at Timsbury.
During our visit John was happy to share his knowledge and experience,  but even more evident was John's real passion for game angling and determined commitment to pike fishing with the fly...   What will you be doing next winter....  see you bank side.. !

Captor and prize

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