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It was a late spring afternoon, while fishing with a colleague that converted me to fly fishing.  A splash just up stream caught my attention, slowly making my way up I picked out a tail holding position just behind a patch of weed growth.  Carefully releasing a short cast, my fly passed over the right side of the weed, within seconds a brown head came clear out of the water engulfing my offering (dry olive size 16).  It was hooked and so was I .........

I live in the heart of the Thames Valley with my wife, children and our dog a "Beagle"...!!! Being centrally based makes for some great fly fishing access to lakes, rivers, and the sea.

I am a licensed  UKCC fly fishing coach and hold certificates in both emergency first aid, child protection, I am  CRB checked and fully insured.

I am an enthusiastic coach who loves to share the enjoyment that is fly fishing. Self development is important to me and I continue to seek professional guidance and training to ensure my skills are honed.


RIVER TEST- Leckford.

Well finally,  the long awaited Mayfly have put their little swimming trunks on and are at last hatching.

 I always like to grab a day at the end of May, in the hope and anticipation of the real start of the season, "Mayfly"  However, this year reports were sketchy,  where Mayfly were concerned,  cold winter, late rains, cloudy water, the list went on and on....  but finally on the 24th,  late afternoon, following a bright warm day the first few flutters started to come off the water, within an hour this had turned into a free for all.... and as if by magic the patiently waiting trout began free rising to the windsurfing offerings.
Now it was time to fish....

JUNE SEA BASS- south coast marks, grab the opportunity.

As May merged into June , we have certainly been so fortunate to witness such a long period of fine warm weather. Even as I tap away on the key board, the high pressure seem set to stay with us for a while longer. (hope that's not tempting fate)....   With such great weather, there is no finer time to turn a few hours over to the salt tides that wash our shores in search of the bristling sea bass. 
I spent a few hours on the incoming tide with a couple of friends the other day, what a blast... We worked the mark at the gravel bar junction where fresh cool waters pushed in , armed with clousers, the flurry of school bass provided great sport.   Not big fish 6-10 inch, but ready to hit hard and determined to eat " that fly ".  As we moved up and down the mark the fish remained steady, then bang,  Chris's rod bent over, this was not a small fish .. ten minutes later Chris was holding a fine two and half pound sea bass.

Sadly for me it was a case of the one that got away,  as Chris looked on , I had been playing a sizable bass for some fifteen minutes and making very little progress in taming it.  As it held in the flow, I tried to get below the fish eight or nine times, but each time the fish would pull , taking all the line that I had just claimed back.  By now the water was too deep to safely go further.. so it was a case of holding on, and try and move back to the gravel bar,  as we both looked on,  a tail broke the water.. that was a big tail.!!!  sadly as it broke surface for a second time my clouser and fish departed company.... that's fishing!!!! (not quite what I really said)

If you have thought but have not tried saltwater bass fishing and would like guiding then please do not hesitate to contact me, david@thatfly.co.uk or visit (http://www.thatfly.co.uk/) remember if you only have a few hours, saltwater will fit the bill.


If traveling to Naples (Florida) be sure to pack a fly rod or two.

When out in the US, I always try to get some fishing in , (supportive family).  Last year I spent a few days on the keys fishing with Capt Mark Johnson ( http://www.floridakeysfunandfishing/ ) highly recommend if your down that way fishing out of Islamorada. Feel free to mention my name to Mark.
It was then I first discovered the treasure of Naples fishing, during July / August, beach Snook can be fished right along the front (Florida licence required) these fish are tricky but small white flies fished parallel to the shore line should put you right.
For the really brave, try the Naples pier, (the pier has a general licence but check the board as things can change)  the fishing off here is a real blast and not for the faint hearted.  Snook from 8-40lb,  double digit Red fish , Spanish Mackerel 16 - 18" ,  for me the latter and the morning Jack attacks are something to experience.  When the bully boy Jacks hold court, be ready for some explosive action, groups, can be in the range of 5 - 8lb, 10 - 15lb and the real bouncers 20 - 30+.... these fish love to patrol , chasing at breakneck speed and ready to run down live bait, raps and are very willing to hit flies...  landing them is the hard part,  remember I said,  "pier".... standing 30ft above the action is great for the on lookers, but you will have to make the tough decision , do I fight from the pier or make the dash to the beach... (I would recommend the dash as these brute's respect no tackle nor person).    Well I only have a few more days left here so for now its back to the fishing......   tightlines and well chewed flies...

Need to know more, just call or drop me a mail , david@thatfly.co.uk

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