Fly fishing is a great sport; it's relaxing and a great stress reliever. It's also an action packed, adrenaline rush. It all depends on where you fish and what you target.

At That Fly we want to give you the best experience we can. We also want to be open and honest with our clients and in return we want you to be open and honest with us.

For you to get the best out of your sessions or events with us we may ask you a number of what you may consider to be personal questions. These are asked to help us design our sessions and for you to get the best out of your time with us. Your answers will be treated in complete confidence.

Believe it or not fly fishing can to quite strenuous and may require a good deal of physical agility.

The questions we ask will be about your mobility, health and medical condition, including allergies. Answering these questions will help us choose the right location, time and session duration.

We'll ask you about your angling experience; this will help us design sessions around your current skills and future needs.

Our Terms and Conditions are set out below.

      i.        All clients involved in angling activities do so at their own risk and are responsible for their own health and safety.
     ii.        Use of fishery car parks are at the clients risk, That Fly do not accept any liability for any loss or damage to client or other vehicle users.
      iii.            Clients are asked to disclose, in advance of any sessions and in complete confidence, any medical, mobility, health or dietary needs (including allergies). This will allow your coach, instructor or guide to cater for individual’s needs.
      iv.            When fishing clients will have the appropriate, current rod licence (follow the link from our website) or complete an EA registration form (if you have never fished before) that we will supply. This does not apply to casting lessons when hooks are not used.
       v.            Clients are advised to wear appropriate clothing (consider having waterproof clothing with you), sturdy waterproof footwear and eye protection (Polaroid sun lenses are recommended) and a hat or cap.
      vi.            When boat fishing, or wading, a life jacket must be worn at all times. When wading use of a wading staff is advised.
    vii.            That Fly will not provide clothing or safety equipment unless specifically asked to do so at the time of booking.
   viii.            That Fly coaches, guides and instructors hold emergency first aid certificates and carry basic first aid equipment but will not dispense medicines or provide sun creams etc.
      ix.            That Fly will provide equipment (Rods , Reels Lines) on request.
       x.            Clients are asked to follow the countryside code (
      xi.            We guarantee we'll listen to your needs and do our best to give you an enjoyable experience.
    xii.            A non refundable deposit is required at booking with balance being paid 7 days prior to the event.
   xiii.            Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the weather or that you will catch fish.

And finally:

To get the best out of the sessions please follow the advice of your coach, instructor or guide.
We always welcome, and will ask for, feedback that will help us improve the service we offer.

What to bring with you
        I.            Wellington boots.
      II.            Waterproof clothing.
    III.            Eye protection (sunglasses, safety glasses or prescription glasses)
    IV.            Any medication, insect repellent and sun block you may need.
      V.            Drinking water.
    VI.            A list of questions, if you have any.
  VII.            Your rod licence.
VIII.            Finally a smile for a fun day.

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