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Permit fishing Cayo Cruz/Romano- Cuba

CUBA- Cayo Cruz/Romano 

Having  just returned from the Cuban north shore of Cayo Cruz/Romano.  I can only say you have to see it to believe it…. 
The pristine flats are a wash with the most perfectly clear waters and with a mix of sand and grassy flat that seem endless, there are more square miles of fishing than you could possibly walk in a lifetime.

Our lodge La Casona De Romano, (run by Avalon , ) is a beautiful building,  maintained to a great standard, clean and very comfortable,  it is hosted by an enthusiastic team that are focused on your every need.  All inclusive meant only a small amount of cash was required for a celebratory drink or two, (Havana Club Mojito’s being the perfect compliment).

Days commence following your wake up call and after breakfast it was into the transport for the journey to the boats, which are moored at Cayo Cruz some 50k away. Along the route you capture a real feeling for Cuban life as the early work force make there way to pick up points for their daily troop to work.  After twenty minutes your passage continues through the check point and along the huge causeway that penetrates its way through Cayo Romano to Cayo Cruz. Flanked by water we would often see, Flamingo, Spoon Bill and a myriad  of other features along the route.
On arrival at the dock, you are warrmly greeted by your guides,  who, following a quick chat will have you in your skiff ready and on your way to your fishing zone. ( Zone = colossal flats that only you and he fish for the day).  

Beautiful Permit one of two during the week

The fishing available at Cayo Cruz / Romano covers one of the most extensive areas anywhere in the Caribbean.  The vast number of flats are protected from the north by a string of Cays, collectively known as Jardines del Rey (Garden of the King).
The Cays, are literally uninhabited and apart from your boat partner and guide you are unlikely to see anyone else while out on the water.  Cayo Cruz / Romano is therefore the perfect habitat for bonefish, tarpon and permit.  Made up a series of mangrove lagoons and flats that run for hundreds of kilometres, most flats, of white sand interspersed with turtle grass and mangrove are ideal for those who want to wade or fish from the skiff.
The flats and Cays are extremely rich in crustacean life, which enable both the bonefish and permit to exceed the sizes found elsewhere around the Caribbean.

Large Bonefish were encountered daily
Deeper channels provide perfect areas for tarpon to feed on the shoals of sardines but when the tides are right these fish will move onto the flats where there will be the opportunity of sight casting to these feisty creatures.
But Cayo Cruz / Romano is best known for its large bonefish, and permit, as well as other species such as jacks and barracuda. Bonefish are commonly found in the range 5 -10 lbs, ( our trip nothing less than 4lb and a magic 10lb for one of the group )  Permit from 10lb to much larger specimens are frequently encounter, and  Tarpon from 20 - 150 lbs. 

Blessed with a 2nd Permit for the week, this one took the famous Avalon fly, presented on RIO's tropical quick shooter

As the fishing day draws to a close your transfer (cold beer at the ready) will be waiting to return you to La Casona for a Mojito or two while you celebrate your day .
Dinner is generally from 7.30pm onwards and includes complimentary wine with dinner, before retiring back to the bar for additional drinks which you can added to your bar tab for the week.
Cayo Cruz/Romano is a must try location for any Saltwater fly enthusiast and frankly ranks as one of the top Permit area in the world.  

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