Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Get Cheeky... get reel...

Most have possibly noticed the steady and impressive rise of the Cheeky Team, who hit the fly fishing market with some impressive reels a couple of years back.  There is no escaping their steady climb up the slippy slope continues the move forward.  Strike, Ambush, Mojo, Thrash and Dozer certainly captivate the spirit of fly fishing, with 5 of the Cheekiest reels currently out their. 
The modern contemporary styling complete a terrific fresh approach in a market which is booming with product.  But if the designs are not to your particular taste then consider any of the range in striking silver which will match any outfit and occasion.

MOJO 425
One key feature on the reel is its impressive drag system, this is a completely sealed unit that requires zero maintenance , so always ready for the next blistering run. Super smooth and able to apply some slick pressure just when you need it.  Light weight, the reels compliment the latest  rods out there, so wither stalking the flats or climbing a mountain stream, these reels will provide you with a balanced outfit that you could carry all day.
But don't just take my word for it,  take a look at www.cheekyfishing.com/reels/features  - while there take a peek at the neat Cheeky swag too..... 
Or you could come and try one with me .. david@thatfly.co.uk Team Cheeky Endorsed Guide
Good fishing....

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