Friday, 21 February 2014

BVK Reel - Temple Fork Outfitters

Saltwater fish demand a certain respect and will often test your equipment to the extreme.  On a recent trip I had armed one of my rods with TFO's superb BVK  ( Bernard Victor Kreh ) fly reel.  Beautifully machined,  the reel is a striking piece of equipment that looks so cool.  The large arbor is superlight and the spool nests perfectly into its housing allowing no movement to allow debris to interfere with the silky smooth running of the spool.

Able to tame the most explosive of fish the fully sealed drag applies tons of prefectly timmed pressure via a large yet sleek adjuster that even the largest of hands can locate in an instant. Not to mention the retrieval, the massive arbor makes light work when taming any searing runs or turns, putting you in control in an instant.
Well balanced and expertly proportioned this beautiful reel should be on your list of ones to own.
Enjoy your fishing and the experience.    


Unknown said...

Pretty much covered it all. The BVK's are functional, beautiful, du. rable and priced generously

Unknown said...

I am a Fly Shop owner and use the BVK family both the rods and all the sizes of reels.

I recommend them all the time and I truly believe they are one of the most under rated Reels out there!