Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Sonik SK4 XTR Fly Rod

On a recent blog I commented on the fantastic new XTR reel, well here is a view of the new Sonik SK4XTR fly rod.  As with all Sonik's, the rod arrived in the robust cordura zip top tube which is clearly marked with the discription, size and rod rating.  Inside a neatly sectioned cloth sleeve ensures sound protection for the rod within.
First views of the sections imediately lift the spirt, a well finished blank of olive gloss set off some very fine gold highlighting to the whips.  Rod connections are very neat with the now standard "dot to dot" alignment system , a great aide for a swift set up. I had the 9ft 5/6 rod which for a middle to tip action has a surprisingly fast action that delivered some very tight loops,  yet it remained forgiving enough to recover the odd waver or miscast .  The rod delivered well at both short and medium range, but, it simply sung with absolute ease when delivering a long line. I was using Snowbee's XS plus. 
The rod which comes in 4 sections, is a great all round stillwater rod, and well worth considering if your looking for a step up to a faster action. A powerful blank with sensitivity, its a perfect transition rod for advancing and experienced anglers.

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